365/365 - An End and a Beginning

I’ll have more words on the completion of my 365 Project later, but right now I’m actually shocked that it’s come to an end. In some ways it’s been a very long year, but as this final month drained away, it seemed like the end was coming faster than I could have predicted.

A New Beginning

The final image is intended to be a bit “meta” and it represents a few things: One, it features my great friend Stewart, who challenged me to start this project last year. Two, it’s the first real self-portrait in the series. Three, it’s a photo of the image of us on the glass viewfinder of my new (old) Mamiya RB67 medium format camera.

After creating digital photos daily for the past year, I look forward to using this medium format film camera and going back to older ways of working. Given my love for mechanical watches, fountain pens and vinyl, this seemed to be the logical next step.

364/365 - The Penultimate Post

As I have an excess of images for the 365 Project, I’ve decided to consolidate images from the past few days into one post. 

As anyone who has been following this blog has probably noticed, I don’t just post a single photo on most days. There have been certain days when I’ve taken so many images that I decided to post them over a span of several days. This has resulted in me having images left over. This post represents images from Sunday-Friday. 

I will shoot and post the final series tomorrow, on day 365.

Found Object

Dark Path

Lightning on the Landing

Water Treatment

Sleeping it Off

Lost Suction

Barber Shop




Richard Relaxing

Richard Smiles

Another Chair

Magnolia’s Hat






Using Format