007/365 - The Seventh Day

I wasn’t sure I’d make it to the end of the week, but here we are on day 7. 

I took my camera with me on my lunch break uncertain of what I might find. Turns out, I didn’t have to go far, as this image materialized before I even made it out of the parking garage.

I’m unapologetic about using the tilt-shift effect built into the camera. It’s made for subjects like this! Who doesn’t love trains, especially ones with a classic Americana motif? The tilt-shift effect makes it look like a model train I might have played with in my childhood. 

Building America

005/365 - An ancient ruin

I saw this location a few weeks ago and took some shots but I wasn’t happy with the lighting. I returned today on a lunch break and while the lighting was basically the same, the location spoke to me more.

One of the themes that may bubble-up in this endeavor is flood recovery, or rather, the lack of recovery. The home featured here is in a prominent neighborhood near downtown Columbia, yet it looks as if nature has taken over.

Arcadia Lakes

White Goods

Hobbit Hole

Patterns in the Ivy


Light Fixture

Curb Appeal

Using Format