005/365 - An ancient ruin

I saw this location a few weeks ago and took some shots but I wasn’t happy with the lighting. I returned today on a lunch break and while the lighting was basically the same, the location spoke to me more.

One of the themes that may bubble-up in this endeavor is flood recovery, or rather, the lack of recovery. The home featured here is in a prominent neighborhood near downtown Columbia, yet it looks as if nature has taken over.

Arcadia Lakes

White Goods

Hobbit Hole

Patterns in the Ivy


Light Fixture

Curb Appeal

001/365 - And it starts…

Like many photographers, I’m attempting a 365/Photo-A-Day project. The effort will hopefully coincide with the re-launch of my website, which has been long in need of a refresh.

The 365 effort was suggested by a friend, who is also doing one. I decided to start mine on July 1, simply because it was the beginning of a new month.

In some cases I may have more than one photo from a day that I’d like to showcase. Some days I may struggle to produce even one. Let it begin! 

Unless otherwise noted, I’m trying to use only the Fujifilm X100F for this series. 

Killian, Sagging at the Fireworks Stand

Columbia, North Main

Columbia, North Main

Columbia, River Drive

Columbia, River Drive

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