044/365 - Party People, Part II

A birthday party at Dave & Busters – I started feeling anxiety almost as soon as I walked into this place. Noise, blinking lights, children, etc. Fortunately, they serve adult beverages. 

As a kid, I really loved arcades. My parents took me and some friends to an arcade once for my birthday and I remember spending the whole time playing Dragon’s Lair, feeding 50 cents into the machine over and over again. I got pretty good at it too.

I’m just not into it now. Part of the problem is that the games are garbage now. They are also expensive as hell and several dollars worth of credits don’t result in much play time. Eh… and I have turned into a germaphobe, so I really don’t want to even touch these machines unless I have a few antibacterial wipes on hand.

But anyway, here are some shots from that day.

Kung Fu

From My Cold Dead Hands…


Fancy Footwork

Having Fun

043/365 - 24 Hour Party People

Here are some shots from last weekend. We were visiting friends non-stop last Saturday, so I’ll probably break up some of the shots from that day. I’ll start with some late-night shots from early Friday morning.

These do require some explanation. The man in the mask is local film maker/writer Paul Talbot, “cosplaying” The Exterminator, from the movie Exterminator 2. The other gentleman is the infamous Chris Bickel, who hosts late-night grindhouse viewings downtown.

The Exterminator

Talbot and Bickel

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